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The World's Best 2-in-1 Burger Press!

Easy As 1-2-3 - Make perfect burgers in 5 seconds flat


Stomp (Press)


Remove Excess Meat


Lift With No Stick!

Amazing Features


Patented no-stick technology

With our patented no-stick technology, the patties never stick inside the press. They come out easily every time!


Dishwasher Safe

Cleans easily in the dishwasher top rack.  Makes cleanup a sinch!


Easy to store

Take it apart and store it in your drawer.  No more clunky tools taken up your valuable counter space.

Watch it in action

Make Perfect Patties that Stay Juicy

The Buger Stomper helps you make patties that are perfectly sized, cook evenly, and stay juicy - every time!

Also Make Bite Size Slider Patties!

Quickly change the full size burger press to the slider press and make perfect bite size sliders too!

Featured on the Dragons' Den

As See on Dragons' Den


5 0f 5 Stars - I use the Burger Stomper to make all sorts of patties! This is the only thing I've ever bought from Dragon's Den. I love this product and recommend it to everyone. All of our patties are now the same size. I use the slider for most things and just love it!!!

Amanda, Amazon

5/5 - This unit is functional, easy to assemble and easy to use. It can be quickly changed from pressing conventional size burgers to pressing sliders during a prep session. The product is made of high-grade materials and can be cleaned spotlessly. It disassembles for flat storage.

Jackie, Oakhurst, CA

Good news: just received the stomper today and just in time for spring/summer bbq season! Thanks for taking the time to email me about this product and keep me informed over the last few months. I first saw the stomper on QVC, but then QVC stopped selling it. I purchased mine from last week after waiting for it to go on sale again for about six months. So happy to now have one of these helpful kitchen tools!

Joseph, Facebook

Made for Burger Lovers

Burger Stomper 2-in-1 Burger Press - Makes perfect burgers